We provide numerous treks in various locations of Heritage Nature Reserve, that will aspire any trekker of any age, level of experience.

Enjoy a journey into a protected nature preserve on a 2-hour trek along Jacotet River, which runs through the area to explore and protect the Mauritian biodiversity.. Let your senses be soothed by the sound of flowing water and birds singing in the trees as your guided discovery walk takes you on an amazing adventure.

Explore the spectacular Biosphere Reserve on a 5-hour guided trek with a knowledgeable and passionate local ranger who will lead you along scenic trails and introduce you to the unique natural features and creatures of the area.

There is no other better way to experience nature, than go off for a hike. Follow the numerous trails that will lead you to the heart of the reserve, discover the numerous types of plants & animals that lurk within the forests.

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